My name is Morgan Bennett, but you can call me More Again…

Back in 1997 I went crazy, on purpose.

When I was 23 I sat in my first studio apartment and cut thousands of words and phrases out of anything at all that had words and phrases in it big enough to read at arms length, and I spread them all over my floor. Then I just kind of existed with them, and opened myself up to what the words wanted to say.

I didn’t have a story in mind and then found the words, and I didn’t cut up letters to make other words because that would be too much like actually writing it. The words just told me what order to put them in.

I’ve always had a way with words and I just decided to let the words have their way with me. When I “came to” months later I had written a couple of stories.

The first story is called Food For Thoth. Thoth is the ancient Egyptian god of art and intellect. He was the lord of language who brought writing to humanity. The second story is simply called Karma.

In a very real sense Savior Self was a channeled work. Drawn from chaos and the collective unconscious through the filter of my mind for the purpose of raising the consciousness of humanity.

Savior Self was “written” nearly 20 years ago, but its message of global awakening and spiritual empowerment is as timely and poignant as it was the day it was completed.